Monday, 21 April 2014

The hidden little bird...

This is the Church of San Pedro (Saint Peter to you and I).
Watched over by the heavenly Sister Angela of the Cross, mother of the poor.
 Most people don't give this beautiful picture a second glance as they walk past, but there is a special story to be told...
Hidden in the intricate paintings of the tiles is a little bird.
The locals say that if you find the little bird, you will have good luck in love and marriage.
 The poem beneath it tells a different story...

'I am of the sacrament,
an artist painted me 
and put here a little bird
 - that's his way of signing -
hidden in a little corner.

All those who found it,
gave alms as they passed
and prayed to The Souls,
if they wanted to marry,
always and quickly it was achieved'

I absolutely love finding these quirky little places! Be it just good luck or something more, I love its kooky little story - something I'll be sure to show the Mr when he comes to visit (and everyone in between for that matter!).

If you want to find little bird, look for him at
Inglesia de San Pedro
Calle de Doña Maríá Coronel 1

What do you think? Do we make our own luck or are some things just destiny?


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  1. Wow! Very interesting place! I wish I could go there one day...
    I think we do make our own luck but not because we do something special (e.g. finding that bird) - we should just believe that something can bring us luck and then it does :)


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