Thursday, 3 April 2014

Basílica de La Macarena

Basílica de La Macarena.

Home to the famously beautiful Macarena Virgin of Hope.

La Macarena is the patron saint of bullfighters, and her statue here in the basilica is the representation of a sorrowful yet hopeful virgin Mary.

She is one of the central attractions of the Semana Santa Madrugá parade on Good Friday which walks through the night, ending at around midday the following day. Participants often shout 'Guapa' at the statue as it passes - 'beautiful', 'gorgeous' - and they aren't wrong...

The statue, wreathed in gold and decorated with five diamond and emerald brooches (donated by the famous bullfighter, Joselito El Gallo), is truly breathtaking.

La Basílica de La Macarena,
Calle Béquer, 1


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