Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Seville Street Art

Street art never ceases to amaze me. For someone who manages to draw a stick man disproportionately with a pen, it literally blows my mind to think these artists,who have had one shot to get it right, manage to create such masterpieces with a spray can. Unlike your standard graffiti of tags and obscenities, the term street art implies actual artistic merit. Although it's technically still vandalism, I can't help but marvel at how beautiful some pieces are. 

These colourful examples are what grace the walls of the bus station at the Plaza de Armas, Seville.
I love that the famous symbol of the city, the orange, has made an appearance.

Street art can be seen all over Seville and even creeps its way up the hill in to Camas, the town en route to the local villages like Valencina where I live. 

As time goes on, I hope to capture more street art scenes like these...I guess I'll have to spend some time wandering to scouting some out!

What do you think of street art? a good way to use otherwise blank space or an eye sore?

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  1. i love it-i think it really adds some really good vibrancy to a neighbourhood


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