Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Scriptoeris and The Shorty Awards

So as you may or may not know as well as keeping up my own little slice of the internet here on Amble, I also contribute to the online wonder that is Scriptoeris magazine.

Its founder (and our editor-in-chief) the one woman powerhouse that is Miss Scarlett Clark took a long hard look at the world of women's magazines. All she saw were articles on how to lose weight and how to get that man - there was nothing for the smart, young, career-driven woman. From that realisation, Scriptoeris was born - an outlet for those who are ambitious and ladder climbing, travel-loving and adventurous, in short clever women like us.

I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to their travel section and love contributing to such an amazing publication as much as I do nosing at all the articles from the other girls on submission day.

It looks like all of Scarlett's hard work has paid off as our lovely magazine has been nominated for a Shorty Award. For those of you from the blogging community, this need no explanation. For the rest of you lovely people, the Shorty Awards mean recognition for the best of social media from twitter users to youtubers to onliners like us at Scriptoeris. For a publication under a year old it means the world to us!!

Please go over to to see what we're all about, join us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and if you like what you see please support our nomination for the Shorty Awards here.

This is all just the start of an amazing journey for the ladies of Scriptoeris, one that we hope you'll take alongside us...define the decade today!

With love and many thanks from the Scriptoeris Team xo


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