Thursday, 9 January 2014

Meet Maxy...

This is Max...
He is my boyfriend's new Plummer Terrier/Jack Russell Cross Puppy.

Here is a Maxy fact file:

Max is scared of pretty much everything. 

  • He is scared of ice cubes in drinks because they make a funny noise when they chink the side of the glass.
  • He is scared of bubble wrap and boxes (that means sending him back to where he came from by post is not an option)
  • He is scared of wrapping paper tubes
  • He is scared of the spritz noise that aerosol cans make
  • He is scared of fireworks and thunder (that one is understandable though really - they are loud!)
In short, he is the biggest whimp known to man (proven by his girly bark). On the day I first met him, he thought I was scary and hid in his bed until I coaxed him out with treats. Shame he isn't still scared of me, now he just clambers on me.

Max's favourite past times are:
  • trying to jump the neighbours fence.
  • wildlife watching/ hunting most notably staring at the light fitting on the look out for flies, patrolling the bedroom window for cats and (pictured below) bird watching.
  • as you can see from the picture above Max also enjoys licking camera lenses and everything else for that matter - he's not fussy
  • having no respect for any kind of personal boundary, clambering wherever he wants whether you're in the way or not and flopping at any given moment.
  • putting muddy paw prints on the white bedding first thing in the morning.
  • ripping apart toys labelled indestructible thread by thread.
  • biting Richard (though this one is just plain amusing to everyone apart from Richard).

 In short he is an absolute terror...
...but who can resist that forehead wrinkle.


  1. I love Maxy!!!

    Puppies are such a handful but a lot of fun. I was relieved when my Jimmy Chew grew up and calmed down a bit though!

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

    1. Rich say's you can have him if you'd like him!!

      He is such a pain but so loving all the same...I secretly adore him! Next is a brother for Max - preferably a chihuahua called Malcolm ;) I will slowly wear him down :P

      Grace x


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