Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Baby, it's cold outside!

Indeed it is...-15 when I left the house to be precise.
So, it finally happened! We've seen a glimpse of the freezing Russian winter we were promised (i.e. days with double figures below 0!). Up until now we thought that we we're cheating - you can't live in Russia and not have anecdotes about the cold (its like saying you've lived in Spain and never drank Sangria!).

Catherine has the winning anecdote so far! On her walk to uni this morning, she decided to pull her scarf up over her nose. Cheeks always end up the coldest and her reasoning was sound: breath is always going to be warmer than braving the wind! Little did she know what was to come - it was so cold that her breath made frozen droplets on the inside of her scarf which then proceeded to melt on her chin. FAIL. Stupid Russian weather. 

As well as gaining some cool stories to tell in the pub when we return, we've also gained some sound scientific knowledge. I was walking to uni to teach a class when I bumped in to a colleague. She asked if I'd noticed that the snowflakes had started to sparkle? I thought it an odd question but when I had a look they had a different kind of sheen to them, almost like glitter or shards of glass. She told me that it was a sign that temperatures were sure to drop as the snowflakes themselves have frozen even more than usual. That conversation took place in balmy -5, and sure enough, here we are a day later a full 10 degrees colder! The Russian's certainly know their snowflakes! 

 Thought I would share with you some pictures from my way too and from uni (can't beat slipping and sliding in the ice and snow!) and also some of the perks of the chilly weather...
Have the birds found some kind of warm patch that I don't know about?

 Perks of cold weather...
 Not having to feel guilty about indulging...this little beauty cos me £4 but when its 20 degrees colder than your home town you tend to think 'why the hell not?!'
Our favourite 'after uni' haunt (an amazingly cheap sushi place) giving out free hot drinks with every order when its below be honest hot drinks are only 20p when you have to pay for them but I'm a sucker for a freebie!
My favourite perk of all...coming home to a toasty flat and getting straight in to fleecy pjs and slipper socks and lounging about in bed for the rest of the night!

Until next time,
With love from the now rather frosty Motherland x


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