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'Dreams are necessary to life.'

In the wise words of Anais Nin, 'dreams are necessary to life'. Everyone has dreams...Martin Luther-King had a dream and so did Emmeline Pankhurst - their dreams changed the course of history. My dream isn't as grand as all that - it won't change the world - but it means a lot to me! I am lucky enough to share this dream with one of my dearest friends Samantha and, now that we are here in Russia, we've been lucky enough to make this dream a reality!!

When I was a little girl (I think around 5 years old), my mum took me to see a production of The Nutcracker at Christmas time.
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If you don't know the story then SHAME ON YOU - here's a link (because I'm nice like that)

Not only did it bring a lot of holiday cheer, it started my love of the ballet. I am a self-confessed ballet nerd - I was a member of the English National Ballet club, I did ballet lessons between the ages of 3 and 17 and I've seen more ballets than I can count on two hands.

For years, I have dreamed of seeing a ballet at The Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. Home to one of the most famous and prestigious ballet companies in the world.

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And guess what??
28th of November is the day that dreams come true!!

Pictures Courtesy of the Bolshoi Theatre

We're going to see the wonderful Le Sylphide!

The Story:
  The ballet is set in a manor house in Scotland (sounds strange, I know, but stay with me!). It is the morning of James' wedding to Effie and he is asleep in an armchair by the fire. A sylphide (a magical fairy-like creature) is sitting beside him, and wakes him with a kiss on the forehead. He awakes, confused, but captivated by the beauty of the Sylph, he tries (and fails) to capture her, as she escapes up the chimney.

   As the preparations for the wedding go on, James realises that he has fallen in love with the sylphide. In the hustle and bustle of the busy house, an old woman slips in unnoticed to warm herself by the fire. Sensing that she is a bad omen, James tries to shoo her away but his bride Effie convinces him to let her stay and read the fortunes of the guests. She predicts that Effie will marry Gurn (James' arch rival). James threatens the old woman and she curses him.

   Effie leaves to get dressed for the wedding leaving James alone. The sylphide reappears and declares her love for him - Gurn enters, runs to Effie and tries to convince her that James is in love with another woman, but she refuses to believe him. As the festivities begin, James, unable to resist the lure of the sylphide, leaves Effie broken hearted as he goes in to the woods in search of his mystical lover.

   The old woman plans revenge on James and makes a veil, irresistible to all that see it in her magical cauldron. James is welcomed in to the world of the sylphide in the forest, where the sylphide and her sisters dance for him, though he is still unable to catch her.

   The guests of the wedding have come in to the woods in search of James. Gurn proposes to Effie and she accepts, they leave the forest to prepare for their wedding. Meanwhile, James searches for the elusive sylphide and is convinced by the old woman that the veil will enable him to catch her.

   Encaptivated by the magical veil, the sylphide allows James to place it around her shoulders as he kisses her. The sylphide's wings fall to the ground, and its evident that the effect of the veil is fatal. James sees the wedding party of Gurn and Effie in the distance, and dies, knowing that he has lost everything.

It sounds tragic but promises to be an amazing show.

Courtesy of Google Maps

As Moscow is a 12 hour night train from Voronezh, we thought we should take the opportunity to explore the city as well. Our train tickets are booked for the 27th returning on the 30th so we have 3 full days to explore the best of the capital.

Already on the to-do list:
St Basils Cathedral
Courtesy of 

The Kremlin
Courtesty of Wikipedia
Lenin's Mausoleum (Lenin has been lying in state here since his death in 1924, apart from a short retreat in Siberia during WWII! Morbid, creepy and most certainly intriguing!)

Has anyone been to Moscow? Any must see's or recommendations?
Would love to hear from you!

With Love from the Motherland x


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